You Need a Chart to Figure Out When to Play Anthem

You Need a Spreadsheet to Figure Out When to Play Anthem

Anthem has just received an exceedingly helpful spreadsheet that will quickly and efficiently explain when, exactly, will Anthem be playable. We are being a tad facetious here, but when you need a 5×4 chart to explain when is your game playable, in which case, and for whom, there may be a bit of a problem.

Anthem access spreadsheet was posted by the aptly-named ‘EA Help’ Twitter account, thus helping very few while confusing many. If nothing else, the chart has been subjected to ridicule, bringing welcome levity to the confusing amount of pre-order options present for Anthem.

When Can You Actually Play Anthem?

You Need a Spreadsheet to Figure Out When to Play Anthem

Truth be told, it’s really not that complex of a chart. It’s just that it seems a tiny bit ridiculous to have so many options in the first place. On Twitter, fans’ reactions are priceless. From It’s Always Sunny references to funny quips, there’s something for everyone.

One user has put things most succinctly: “If you need a spreadsheet to explain all the different versions, it’s too many versions.” Another user has pointed out something similar with a meta-joke: “Now all you need is rum and a canvas bag to go with this janky pre-access event.”

Finally, many are also proclaiming that they’ll be skipping the Anthem release festivities altogether, seeing how complicated EA’s launch schedules have become. Which edition will you be going for?