Sorry Folks, Alien Blackout is a Mobile Game

Sorry Folks, Alien Blackout is a Mobile Game

There’s been new teases from Fox regarding Alien Blackout, so much we were expecting an Alien Isolation 2 reveal very soon – but now all hopes have been crushed, and Alien Blackout is real – but it’s a mobile game.

We were certain that Alien Blackout would be revealed at the Game Awards last month but that never came to pass. The teases suggested that the game may not be a full sequel in the same style of Alien Isolation, but we were hoping for more than just a mobile title.

Sorry Folks, Alien Blackout is a Mobile Game Sorry Folks, Alien Blackout is a Mobile Game

Alien Blackout is being made by D3 GO, the creators of Marvel Puzzle Quest, and you can check out full details of it here. It honestly doesn’t look that bad, except, well… it’s not Alien Isolation 2.

The recent tease came from the official Alien Twitter page, the tweet of which you can see below. It simply asks “Who is Amanda Ripley?” along with a promise that something is coming soon – with the note “Read. Play. Watch.”

Amanda Ripley is the daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley, and is the protagonist of Alien Isolation.

“Read. Play. Watch” had us concerned. Amanda Ripley is set to star in Aliens Resistance, a comic book from Dark Horse that is due to start on January 23rd. That would account for the “Read” part, but Play and Watch? It was clear there must be a game part to all this, but we doubted it’d be a whole Alien Isolation-style experience – obviously we were right. Likewise, we don’t expect “Watch” to mean a whole movie.

We expected an “interactive comic experience” or Netflix adventure, or something of the like, but a mobile game was the thing we were really hoping Alien Blackout wouldn’t be.

Guess we’re not getting a proper Alien/Aliens game for a while, then. The original Alien Isolation team are working on a new sci-fi game, so hopefully that’ll be something good at least… but it won’t be Alien.