Catherine Classic Is Now Out On PC Via Steam

Catherine Classic Is Now Out On PC Via Steam

Sega announced the official PC release of Atlus’ 2011 action-adventure puzzler Catherine. Titled Catherine Classic, the game is now available on Steam for the price of £14.99 / $19.99 / €19.99.

The news isn’t entirely unexpected as, the publisher has been teasing something Catherine-related for a while now.

Catherine Classic Is Now Out On PC Via Steam Catherine Classic Is Now Out On PC Via Steam

It’s worth noting that Catherine Classic brings the original version of the game to PC. The remaster, Catherine: Full Body, is scheduled to launch on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on February 14, with a Western release said to follow soon after. There are no details currently on whether the Western release will also include a PC version of the remaster or not.

“Catherine Classic tells a twisting tale of love, betrayal, and the terror of commitment. During the day Vincent has a hard choice to make: marry his long-time girlfriend Katherine or move on to the incredible blonde he just woke up next to — named Catherine. The story can take many paths: make the wrong choice and you could end up dead. At night Vincent’s desperation results in terrifying nightmares in which he must climb his way up to survival, with various obstacles hindering his path. LOOK OUT for the sheep!!!”, the press release reads. If you’re partially perplexed, worry not, as Catherine has a healthy degree of weirdness to it which, thankfully, doesn’t take long to rub off on anyone willing to give it a chance.

Catherine Classic on PC will feature a single-player mode as well as local co-op and versus modes for its tower climbing challenges. This version also comes with enhancements such as 4K support, unlocked framerate, customizable keyboard and mouse controls and optional Japanese voice overs. Those who purchase the game in the first two weeks after release will also receive a set of freebies which include desktop and mobile wallpapers, avatars and soundtrack samples.