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Watch 15 Minutes of Unedited RAGE 2 Demo Gameplay

RAGE 2 is coming out this May, but a great number of potential fans are still unsure what, exactly, this game is supposed to be. We know that it’s taking the series into open-world territory, but short of that and the fact that it’s pretty wild, the rest is still up in the air. A RAGE 2 gameplay demo has popped up o

You Can Play P.T. on PC in VR, Right Now

If you haven’t heard of P.T. it’s a short “playable teaser” of what should have been Hideo Kojima’s next game after Metal Gear Solid 5 – Silent Hills, the next game in the Silent Hill series. It was PS4 exclusive, and eventually was pulled from PSN altogether once the game was cancelled, but

LEGO DC Super Villains Justice League Story – How to Unlock

Done with playing the villains in LEGO DC Super Villains and want to play the heroes again? Well good news, there’s a special bonus LEGO DC Super Villains Justice League story for you to play as the entire Justice League in their own missions! But how do you get access to the bonus LEGO DC Super Villains Justice League st

Sorry Folks, Alien Blackout is a Mobile Game

There’s been new teases from Fox regarding Alien Blackout, so much we were expecting an Alien Isolation 2 reveal very soon – but now all hopes have been crushed, and Alien Blackout is real – but it’s a mobile game. We were certain that Alien Blackout would be revealed at the Game Awards last month but th

Series Composer May Not be Returning for The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls games are known and loved by many thanks to their sprawling worlds that hide all manner of secrets, but they wouldn’t be the same without the easily recognizable music accompanying players on the journey. Although The Elder Scrolls VI was announced during Bethesda’s E3 2018 conference, little else h

Resident Evil 2 Remake Steam Size Requirements Revealed

Resident Evil 2 Remake has just received an up-to-date systems requirements page on Steam, and it’s been revealed that the game will be a bit larger than was first anticipated. Resident Evil 2 Remake size isn’t such that the game will be an HDD killer, mind, but it is big enough to warrant at least some consideratio

Unity blocks SpatialOS, Epic will fund developers moving it to Unreal

Epic Games are very much dedicated to staying in the headlines nowadays, it seems, with their latest endeavour being a sort of a running leap to help out developers that have been stranded in legal and developmental limbo by latest changes to Unity Engine’s terms of service. Unity blocking SpatialOS is a major problem for

Fallout 76 Starched Genes – How to Get The Starched Genes Perk?

Fallout 76 has got a downright staggering number of various perks and bonuses to select from – perhaps a good few more than was the case with previous Fallout titles. Some of them, like Starched Genes, are a particularly interesting bunch. Fallout 76 Starched Genes is a perk that has slightly different effects than most,

Rainbow Six Siege Y3S4.2 Patch Notes – Balancing and Fixes to Opera…

Rainbow Six Siege has received a substantial title update, Rainbow Six Siege Y3S4.2 patch, which is mostly concerned with providing a considerable balance pass that the game required. Rainbow Six Siege Y3S4.2 update also brings with it a number of fixes both general and specific, some of which have been a long-time coming. Not

Ring of Elysium Early Spring Card-flip Raffle Event

Ring of Elysium has seldom had a substantial amount of time pass between two of its major events, and the next one in line is the Ring of Elysium Spring Card-flip Raffle Event, allowing players to receive cool cosmetics by spinning the proverbial wheel of luck. Ring of Elysium Lucky Draw Event is precisely what it says on the t